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Industrial-Strength Sealants, Tape & Adhesive Solutions

Our huge selection of industrial sealants and adhesives offers you industrial adhesive solutions for all of your various fastening and sealing needs. Top names in the industry like 3M, Dow, LePage, Gorilla, Mulco, GE and DOCAP provide high-quality sealants, tape, epoxy, glue and adhesives of all types. Caulk sealant, for use around doors and windows, spray adhesives (foam, hi-tack, contact, rubber & vinyl), plastic wood filler and Firestop smoke and fire sealant are just a few of the items you'll find here for your various construction and other industrial jobs.

Look to us as your industrial tape and supply source for everything from duct tape, electrical tape, masking tape, PVC tape and water sealant tape to industrial-strength glue, contact cement and all kinds of construction sealants.

  • Construction Adhesive

    Interior & Exterior Construction Adhesives

    Heavy-duty construction adhesive is a secret weapon in any handyperson's toolbox. Choosing the right adhesive for the job is the trick, however. Get down to business by stocking up on Edmonton's best products, including drywall glue and ceramic tile adhesive. Curing times vary when it comes to glue types, so each product is clearly marked with its use and specific time frames. You'll always pull out the perfect wall adhesive on that next project. Top manufacturers fill our shelves, such as Dow and Grabber. Discover several different LePage construction adhesives in our stock as well. From foam board to subfloor applications, well-designed adhesives steer your project in the right direction. Simply keep several exterior floor tile adhesives on hand so you're always ready to move ahead.

    Construction adhesive can be applied with a caulking gun and spread with a putty knife or notched trowel. It is used for attaching molding, tiles, drywall, and fixtures onto a ceiling, floor, or wall. Make sure to choose the recommended construction adhesive for your project because the wrong one could migrate through the material.