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Docap Tape Products

Docap manufactures a variety of products, from fasteners to to tape, they design their products with the user in mind. Docap offers a few types of tape designed for specific applications. Here you can find Docap Thread Sealant Tape, Electrical Tape, and Gas Sealant Tape.

Thread sealant tape is used around pipe threads. Thread seal tape helps with threading because it lubricates, allowing a deeper seating of the threads. This then helps prevent the threads from seizing when the pipe is being unscrewed.

Docap also offers electrical tape in a variety of colors. Electrical tape is used to insulate electrical wires and other electricity conducting materials. Electrical tape is stretchy and and can be relied on to insulate for the long term. The colors can be used for color coding or to match to the color of the wire.
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