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Wiss manufactures high end scissors, snips, and specialty trade tools. Wiss is trusted by many because it is driven by two simple principles: performance and durability . Wiss puts those same qualities into every product, so no matter what Wiss tool you use, you can rely on getting amazing performance and long life. Find Wiss snips, scissors, cutters, and more at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

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m1r m2r m3r
Wiss M1R MetalMaster

Wiss M2R, Metalmaster, 9-3/4" Compound Action Snips, Cuts Straight to Right

Wiss M3R, Metalmaster, 9-3/4" Compound Action Snips, Straight, Left, Right

Wiss M6R Metalmaster 9-1/4" Offset Snips WISS SNIP OFFSET RIGHT GREEN - Edmonton Fasteners & Tools  WISS M5R SNIP SHEARS 9" BULLDOG - Edmonton Fasteners & Tools
Wiss 9 1/4" Metalmaster Red Offset Snips
Wiss 9 1/4" Green Metalmaster Offset Snips
9 1/4" Metalmaster Bulldog Snips
w19n w12l Wiss M1RS1, Metalmaster, 9-3/4" Compound Action Snips
Cushion grip handles for comfort and better grip.
Wiss W12L, 12" Lightweight Aluminum Handle Snip

Cuts Straight to Left

 Cutting Tools 9 3/4" Metalmaster® Special Series Snips w7n Industrial WISS SNIP SHEARS 16 1/2 TIN - Edmonton Fasteners & Tools

Wiss M2RS1, Metalmaster, 9-3/4" Special Series Snips, Cuts Straight to Right

Wiss W7N, 14-1/2" Straight Pattern Industrial Snips
16 1/2" Bulldog Pattern Snips