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  • Abmast

    Abmast Products

    Abmast is Canada's leading manufacturer of
    depressed center grinding and cut-off wheels. Abmast uses state of the
    art equipment to convert high quality raw materials. Abmast offers a
    complete line of abrasives that offer top performance, productivity, and
    will meet your needs.
  • Abus


    Abus tools is manufactured in Germany and provides the best quality, reliability, functionality, and lifetime. Created for private and industrial use, Abus offers a large selection of lock and security products for home and commercial. Check out padlocks (keyed alike offered), lockout devices and stations, and secure your valuables now, at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Amflo

    Amflo Products

    Amflo male and female plugs, couplers, air hoses, blow guns, gauges, and more provide quality and reliable functionality.
  • Avdel


    Avdel provides one of the widest ranges of blind fasteners and related tools in the market. We carry nutserts, versa-nuts, and even a full nutsert kit. Find it all at Edmonton Fasteners and Tools Ltd.

  • B-Line


    B-Line prides itself in making quality support systems and fasteners for the electrical, mechanical, and communications industries. Available at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Ben-Mor


    Ben-Mor is a key player in the manufacturing of slings, ropes, chains, and other lifting accessories. Their nylon twine string line comes in different colors and sizes and offers and long and durable lifespan. It also provides ideal elasticity and is resistant to UV rays when being exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. Find Ben-Mor at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Bessey

    Bessey Products

    Bessey provides high quality metal working clamps, wood working clamps, welding clamps and cutting tools. Available at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Bob Dale Gloves

    Bob Dale Gloves

    Your hands need to be protected. With Bob Dale Gloves you can be assured your hands are kept safe, still comfortable, with enough flexibility to make your job easier. Bob Dale Gloves are proudly manufactured in both Edmonton, AB and Sri Lanka. Protect your hands from cuts, toxic substances, weather, and more potentially harmful scenarios. Find Bob Dale Gloves here at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Bondhus

    Bondhus Products

    Bondhus manufacturers high quality tools such as the Ball End, Hex, and Torx tools.

  • Bosch


    Bosch manufacturers high quality and long-lasting power tools and accessories.From saws, drills, grinders, blowers, drivers, and more. You'll find the Bosch tool you're looking for at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Bostitch

    Stanley Bostitch Products

    Bostitch provides quality fasteners, tools, air compressors, and
    accessories. Find Bostitch nails, staples, guns, and more!
  • Bradley Smoker

    Bradley Smoker Products

    Bradley Smokers specializes in meat smokers and other smoker related accessories and products (recipes, cures, and marinades). They've developed a technologically-advanced, digital smoker that allows you to smoke meat and fish to perfection without having to tend or supervise during the process. Throughout the development of their smokers, they created the Bradley Smoking Bisquette which smokes cleanly, does not burn down to an ash, doesn't need much heat to smoke, and can easily be extinguished. At Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. we offer Bradley Smokers in different styles and sizes (4-rack or 6-rack) and accessories to make your smoking experience superb. These accessories include thermometers, a rollable kitchen cart, weather-resistant smoker cover, bisquettes in a variety of flavors, and even the official Bradley Smoker Cookbook!
  • Buildex

    ITW Buildex

    ITW Buildex was established in 1967 in Illinois. They manufacturer and offer innovative fastening solutions world wide. ITW Buildex makes quality Tek self-drilling fasteners, Dektite, and more. We carry a variety of ITW Buildex products at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Caddy

    Caddy Products

    Caddy manufacturers industrial quality products such as struts, electrical products, fasteners, conduit clamps, beam clamps, and more.

  • Centrix

    Centrix Products

    Find a large selection of Centrix products including: wheelbarrows, tarps, moving blankets, traffic cones, heater, job boxes, and more.

  • Century Wire

    Century Wire

    Century Wire manufacturers heavy duty, industrial quality cables and cords. You can also find plugs, power bars, surge protectors, and more at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Champion

    Champion Products

    Champion cutting tools include various types of drill bits, dies, hole cutters, threaders and more. Available at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • CMT Orange Tools

    CMT Orange Tools Products

    CMT Orange Tools offers quality blades, oscillating multi-cutters, bits, cutters, chucks, and more. We carry forstner bits, router bits, and spiral bits.

  • Dewalt

    Dewalt Products

    Dewalt manufacturers long lasting products for use in industrial or DIY jobs. Find power tools, such as: drills, saws, impact drivers, angle grinders, reciprocating saws, bench grinders, circular saws, chop saws, blowers, trimmers, nailers, and more. We also carry Dewalt accessories: abrasives, cutting wheels, driver bits, grinding wheels, hole saws, trimmer line, tool boxes, and batteries.

  • Docap


    Docap has established itself as a recognized leader in the automotive industry. Find Docap fasteners and more at Edmonton Fasteners. We stock Docap fasteners such as spring pins of all sizes, snap rings, grease fittings, rubber grommets, clevis pins, hitch pins, hose clamps, cotter pins, and more! Not sure what size fasteners you need? Use our filtered search feature to filter diameters and lengths, or chat with us below. We also offer Docap tie wire, heavy duty tie-downs, maintenance supplies, adhesives (sealant tape and electrical tape), light bulbs and much more!

  • Dow


    Edmonton Fasteners carries Dow chemical products, from foam gun cleaner to insulating straw foam sealant, find the Dow product you're looking for here.

  • Dremel


    Dremel tools are versatile and make getting creative with wooden decor easier! Find engravers, oscillating kits, torches, rotary tools, saws, cutting kits, and more at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. We also carry Dremel accessories like grinding stones, sanding bands, carbon steel brushes, polishing wheels, abrasives, cut-off wheels, blades, and mandrels.

  • Driltec


    Using dull and old bits can be very frustrating and ruin or weaken your project. Driltec bits will not only work amazingly in the beginning, they are reliable and will continue to deliver quality drilling for years to come. Not only do they deliver, but they maximize the performance of the drill. At Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. you can find Driltec products, such as their multi-purpose drill bit!

  • Dynabrade


    Dynabrade offers heavy duty abrasive power tools and accessories. They pride themselves on exceeding the expectations of clients by delivering new and innovative designs of the best quality abrasive power tools and accessories. Dynabrade performs rigorous tests throughout the design, assembly, and finishing of the product to make sure customers are getting what they're promised. Find abrasives and other products by Dynabrade here at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Dynaline


    Dynaline manufactures a huge range of products for many industries. At Edmonton Fasteners and Tools Ltd. we offer a large assortment of Dynaline fasteners including: S hooks, eyebolts, clevis pins, hitch pins, u-bolts, snap links, turnbuckles, quick pins, funnels, cutters, and so much more!

  • Dynamic


    We have a huge selection of Dynamic products, from paint to safety. Find paint brushes, foam brushes, tray liners, paint rollers and refills, paint thinner, hard hats, safety glasses, fall protection, lanyards, harnesses, first aid products, and steel toe boots.

  • Eagle

    Eagle Products

  • Edge Eyewear

    Edge Eyewear

    Eyes are sensitive and can be easily damaged if not wearing the right protection during a potentially dangerous job. This can include using a bench saw or welding, for example, which are both ways a small projectile can fly into your eye. By using Edge Eyewear protective glasses, your eyes are protected from any flying objects. They come in a variety of shade colors and styles, and offer a range of types of lens for different tasks. Find them all at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Elmer's


    Elmer's is the brand of glue that we all know, love, and have come to rely on as it has been there to glue our projects from early childhood. With over 65 years of experience, Elmer's continues to design and develop new adhesive products. Elmer's wood glue is quick to set and nice strong bond. This wood glue is for anyone that needs a reliable yet versatile glue to get the job done right, and sooner. Find Elmer's at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.
  • Empire Levels

    Empire Levels

    Construction trades have trusted Empire since 1919. Empire creates high quality levels that deliver the most accurate readings. Their levels offer shock absorbing impact resisting end caps, durable vials, magnetic edges when you need hands-free use, and hang holes for super easy storage. Find Empire levels at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Ergodyne

    Ergodyne Products

  • FastenMaster


    Find the full Fastenmaster LOK line of structural wood screws here. We have the entire line available: FlatLOK, HeadLOK, LedgerLOK, TimberLOK, ThruLOK, and TrussLOK. These fasteners are a time saver and make any task that requires wood screws more efficient. We also carry bits that pair of perfectly with these fasteners. Find what you need here!

  • Fein


    Power tools for professional use by Fein. Fein multi-tools are the top choice among all oscillating power tools for renovation and internal construction. Edmonton Fasteners offers various styles of oscillating multi-tools, scraper blades, saw blades, centering pins, and more by Fein.

  • Felton


    Keep the jobsite clean with Felton Brushes high quality brooms and brushes. Find Blue Boy brooms, small cleaning brushes, broom handles, broom replacements, and different grades of brooms at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Fibre Metal


    Fibre-Metal is a leader in protective head gear because of their high quality and continuous innovation. Find headgear, face shields, hard hats, and more products to protect yourself from hazards.

  • Freud


    Freud Tools prides itself on producing products that are highly accurate, precise, and deliver superior quality finish. Their tools are also made to perform with a long cutting life. Each blade is carefully crafted with the best materials, superior designs, and a highly sophisticated manufacturing process. Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. sells ball bearings, circular blades, forstner bits, reciprocating blades, flush and bevel trim bits, double flute straight bits, dove tail bits, key hole bit, mortising bit, round nose bits, trim bits, spiral bits, and more.

  • G.E.


    We sell a large assortment of G.E. contractors silicone: black, aluminum, clear, white, almond, and grey! Find the silicone that matches the best with your project here.

  • Garant


    Garant manufactures high quality heavy duty outdoor tools to help you maintain your property efficiently and effectively. We carry a huge selection of snow shovels, dirt shovels, scrapers, rakes, wheel barrows, and even shovels for kids! Get your shovel on at a great price. We also stock Garant hammers and pry bars. Perfect for commercial or at home use!

  • Gorilla Glue

    Gorilla Glue

    Gorilla Glue manufacturers high quality and extremely strong adhesives to hold together even the most difficult objects. We sell Gorilla tape, epoxy, wood glue, white glue, super glue, duct tape, mounting tape, repair tape, original Gorilla glue, and black tape. Find glues in various size bottles to fit your gluing needs.

  • Gray Tools

    Gray Tools

    Gray Tools was established in 1912 and it specialized in manufacturing reliable and durable hand tools for industrial professionals. It is the only industrial-quality manufacturer of hand tools in Canada. Gray Tools manufacturers hex keys, eyebolts, taper punches, impact sockets, clamps, locking pliers, grips, wrenches, cutter, stamps, and much more! They understand extraordinary sizes, shapes, styles, and lengths are sometimes required to get the job done.

  • Greenlee


    Greenlee manufactures durable job boxes, as well as many other products: wire strippers, punch dies, draw studs, cutters, stud punches, and more. Make sure to grab a Greenlee job box castor kit with the purchase of a job box!

  • Integrity


    Integrity Industrial Supply Ltd. is a fully Canadian owned and operated company! They pride themselves on offering efficiency, durability, and reliability. All Integrity products are tested extensively to ensure the highest quality. At Edmonton Fasteners and Tools Ltd. we carry a broad range of Integrity products, from abrasives to hand tools. In this section, you’ll find spiral sleeves, surface conditioning discs, carbide burrs, flap wheels, rubber drums, wrenches, hammers, grinding wheels, kits, and so much more!

  • Irwin


    Irwin Tools designs and manufactures high quality products of various sorts. We stock over 200 Irwin products: driver bits, power bits, auger bits, spade bits, drill bits, socket adapters, marking chalk, chalk reels, flagging tape, levels, carpentry rulers, blades, saws, squares, plumb bobs, pliers, clamps, and more.

  • Jet


    JET has developed hand tools, air tools, abrasives, and material handling equipment for industrial users and even users at home. JET manufacturers a variety of sets for people to get a high value in one purchase. We carry metric socket sets, socket wrench sets, drive socket sets, combination wrench sets, plier sets, and S.A.E. socket wrench sets. JET also manufacturers screwdrivers, nut drivers, center punches, pliers, wrenches, and more.

  • Jet-Lube


    Jet-Lube is a leading manufacturer of lubricants used
    in oilfield, construction, water well, and industrial maintenance by
    customers globally. Edmonton Fasteners offers thread seal tape, tread
    sealant, anti-size compound, and more.
  • Kapro


    Kapro makes innovative, accurate levels to help you make projects right and efficiently. Find levels with a convenient magnet for easy storage and accessibility when you need it most.

  • Kett Tool

    Kett Tool Company

    The Kett Tool Company, since 1940, has manufactured quality shears, nibblers, saws, and more. We sell blades, shear heads, and more at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Klingspor


    Klingspor is a leading manufacturer of abrasives, they produce quality sandpaper, discs, wheels, rolls, hand pads, sponges, diamond abrasives, and everything in between to suit your needs. Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. sells over a hundred types of Klingspor products in various sizes and grits. We carry abrasive paper, fibre cloth, hand pads, sandpaper sheets, belts, cut-off wheels, edger discs, grinding discs, coated abrasive rolls, back-up pads, hook and loop discs, and more!

  • Krylon


    Krylon is a world leader in the paint industry when it comes to multi-purpose, plastic, specialty, rust preventative, brush on, craft, coatings, other aerosol paint products. Krylon offers heavy duty, industry quality paints, weather it's color or just a clear coating. Accomplish the paint job you want. You're in the right place to find Krylon paint products at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Kuny's


    Kuny's simple philosophy is making the best work gear possible and keeping the price reasonable. Kuny's focuses on products that make working on site safer and more efficient. When making their products, paying attention to detail to an absolute must. From material, to pattern, to stitching, binding, and everything in between, Kuny's has it covered. Edmonton Fastener's & Tools Ltd. carries Kuny's tool belts, tool aprons, tool pouches, knee pads, kneeling mats, messenger bags, chaps, utility buckets, backpacks, bags, lanyards, belts, holsters, suspenders, and more.

  • Lenox


    Lenox establish in 1915 and has since been dedicated to engineering premium-performance tools for industrial tradesmen and DIY'ers. Edmonton Fasteners & Tools stocks over one hundred Lenox products. Looking for blades? We carry Lenox hacksaw blades, metal cutting blades, reciprocating saw blades, hole saws, hole cutters, self-feed drill bits, arbors, hole saw extensions, pilot bits, and so much more!

  • Lepage


    Lepage Glue manufacturers an extensive range of adhesives for an equally extensive range of purposes. We carry Lepage Premium Construction Adhesive used for construction industrially or in the home. They also make different types of sealants, such as Acousti-Seal, for various purposes like: to reduce airborne sound transmission, improve appearances, or other uses. You can also find Lepage wood glue, white glue, and yellow carpenter glue for simpler tasks in our store.

  • Loctite


    Loctite brand is famous for manufacturing high quality adhesives, sealants, threadlocking adhesives, and surface treatments that include acrylic, epoxy, hot melt, silicone, and many more. They originally developed a unique anaerobic technology over 50 years ago, since then they've become crucial components in many everyday machines and products. Loctite has grown in meeting the adhesive needs we have in this day and age, as well as exceeding them creating the most technically advanced range of products.
  • Lufkin


    Lufkin produces superior quality measuring tapes and were the introducers of the very first stainless steel measuring tape in the US. Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. We sell a range of sizes of Lufkin measuring tapes to suit your measuring needs.

  • Makita


    Edmonton Fasteners & Tools offers an extensive lineup of Makita power tools and parts. Save time and hassle and buy Makita tools online for an easier shopping experience, or stop by our shop if you are in the area. If you need replacement parts for your Makita brand tools, you can search by tool or scan for the right blade, bit or battery. Makita woodworking tools add precision to any construction project with power tools customized for any job. Our top-notch selection of Makita professional tools also makes short work of big jobs with specially designed equipment such as laminate cutters, power sanders and power angle grinders. You can search for Makita industrial tools and safety equipment to find what you need for any job.

  • Markal


    Markal manufactures high performance industrial markers and other hand-held industrial marking tools. Edmonton Fasteners & Tools carries an extensive variety of Markal products: soapstone and holders, China Markers, Paintstiks, Dura-Ink permanent markers (in very small to large tips), Pro-Line liquid paint markers, retractable permanent markers, Valve Action paint markers, and more. All come in a wide range of colors for hi-visibility on any color of surface.

  • Master Lock

    Master Lock

    Looking for extremely strong locks that you can rely on? Master Lock manufacturers high quality padlocks and security products, that have earned and maintained the trust of customers world wide. Find various types of Master Lock padlocks at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. We sell keyed different and keyed alike padlocks.

  • MegaPro


    Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. sells a large selection of screwdrivers from worldwide screw driver and multi-bit driver experts, MEGAPRO. MEGAPRO consistently looks for ways to make new and innovate screwdrivers to make not just industrial trades people but also DIY'ers' lives easier. We offer the MEGAPRO Original 15-in-1 screwdriver, 15-in-1 Hex Screwdriver, Shaftlok Screwdriver, Stainless Steel Screwdirver, Tamperproof Spanner Screwdriver, and more.

  • Milwaukee


    Milwaukee Tools manufacturers durable, heavy-duty power tools, hand tools, and accessories used by industrial professionals around the world. They differentiate themselves through LITHIUM-ION technology (M12, M18, and M28 Systems) and consistently offer innovative solutions to increase efficiency and lifespan of products. Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. sells Milwaukee drills, infrared temp-guns, reciprocating saws, vacuums, blowers, impact drivers, angle grinders, tubing cutters, circular saws, grease guns, grinders, circular saws, bandsaws, right angle drills, shears, jobsite speakers, caulk and adhesive guns, impact wrenches, rotary hammers, bare tools, combo kits, and much more! Milwaukee also produces many other products and accessories: Sawzall blades, bits, hole saws, tape measures, Quik-Lok extensions, voltage detectors, bandsaw blades, hole cutters, battery chargers, circular saw blades, batteries (12V and 18V), Inkzall fine point markers, work lights, and more.

  • Motorola


    Motorola provides durable and reliable communication tools for industrial and heavy duty applications. Make the jobsite and workplace safer by using trusted two-way radios that allow you to have instantaneous communication. Become more efficient by having the ability to communicate with others right away. Find Motorola two-way heavy duty radios at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • North Safety

    North Safety

    North Safety is a brand of Honeywell Safety. North offers the latest innovations when it comes to cutting-edge respiratory technology. Their products demonstrate consistent performance, ensuring high quality and reliability across their range of safety / PPE products. Keep workers and yourself protecting with North Eye, Head, and Face protection. Especially if they're in harms way of chemical splashes, projectiles, fumes and airborne particles, radiation, and
  • Olfa


    Founded in 1956, OLFA is a Japanese manufacturer of utility knives. The snap-blade and the rotary cutter are both inventions of OLFA. Fun fact: a chocolate bar had inspired the founders to create the snap-off blade, because of the sections of how the chocolate bar snaps into sections! We carry an extensive selection of OLFA products at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. These include: utility knives, blade disposal cases, replacement packs of snap-off blades, hook blades, scraper blades, tape slitters, scissors, and scrapers.

  • Pioneer


    Pioneer was established in Vancouver, Canada in 1887 and have since been manufacturing high-quality, durable, outdoor protective clothing and gear that can keep Canadians safe, dry, and most important, comfortable. Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. sells PVC rain suits, flame resistant hard hat liners, hi-viz tear-away safety vests (orange, green, black), fleece shirts, hi-viz safety shirts, coveralls, surveyor traffic vests, hoodies, and more.

  • Pipe Pier

    Pipe Pier

    The PIPE PIER pipe support systems are engineered to securely hold pipe, conduit, cable, and HVAC equipment. They've become the most innovative support solutions for roof and raised floor applications. These supports are durable and reliable because they are made of roof-friendly closed-cell polyethylene foam that is UV resistant and for the most part, weatherproof. The best part is that they are easy to install and can be used for mechanical, electrical, roofing, and solar. Find PIPE PIER products at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • POP Blind Rivets

    POP Blind Rivets

    If you need rivet fasteners, check out our large selection of POP Blind Rivets. From aluminum pop rivets to large flange pop rivets and extra long pop rivets, we have rivet nut inserts to suit any and all needs. Edmonton Fasteners & Tools has a large variety of diameters available in stock. Our selection of pop blind rivets is available in multiple materials, such as aluminum and stainless steel, or mixed materials to meet the demands of different metal fastening jobs. Blind rivets will expand to securely fasten the pieces without torquing out. You can compare the tensile strength and shear strength as well as other specs for our various products.

  • Probuilt


    Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. offers an extensive selection of temporary work site lighting by Probuilt. Probuilt continues the long time success of Wobblelight products. Wobblelights are specialized, highly tough, durable, self-righting jobsite lights that can handle the most demanding needs and conditions. Probuilt also develops their own unique line of high-quality industrial lighting products. We sell Wobblelights of many sizes and wattage, floor lighting, Hang-A-Light string lights, floodlights, folding lights, as well as replacement light bulbs, replacement Wobbelight dome caps, hand lamps, tripod stands, circuit breakers, outlets, ground wires, and more.

  • Proto Tethered Tools

    Proto Tethered Tools

    PROTO Tethered Tools provide solutions to protect workers from the dangers and hazards of unsecured tools. They use heat shrink loops, tool collars and sealing tape to secure tools while also allowing them to perform efficiently. With PROTO Tethered Tools, people can utilize their hand tools and power tools safely at elevated heights. Available at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Rayovac


    Rayovac is a world wide, well known battery and
    electronics brand. They manufacture top performing batteries, lighting
    products (flashlights, headlights, lamps, etc.), and other convenient
    products like portable chargers. Edmonton Fasteners offers a wide
    selection of Rayovac products.
  • Richard


    PROTO Tethered Tools provide solutions to protect workers from the dangers and hazards of unsecured tools. They use heat shrink loops, tool collars and sealing tape to secure tools while also allowing them to perform efficiently. With PROTO Tethered Tools, people can utilize their hand tools and power tools safely at elevated heights. Available at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.Originating in Quebec, he Richard brand values quality, expertise, durability, efficiency, practicality, and service. They ensure all products are thoroughly developed to meet their high standards and maximum performance. We offer various products by Richard, such as: the flexible putty knife, scraper blades, razor scrapers, adhesive spreaders, wood scrapers, putty knives, flooring knives, bar scrapers, pole sanders, and more.

  • Ridgid


    The Ridgid brand invented the modern pip wrench in
    1923, and it has since been a go-to brand because of it's strength,
    effectiveness, durability, and legacy. Ridgid tools operate in extreme
    and harsh temperatures, from very hot to very cold, can operate in dirt
    and mud, and stay consistent day in and out. We offer Ridgid tubing
    cutters and tubing cutter wheel replacements, straight pipe wrenches,
    vacuum filters, hex wrenches, spud wrenches, universal die sets, and
  • Rolgear


    Rolgear is a family owned business in BC, Canada. They specialize in manufacturing a full line of ratcheting screwdrivers. The founder invented his roller type of ratched that is not found in other ratcheting tools. We sell the well-known Rolgear MB3-15, the reliable 15 tip ratchet screwdriver. It comes with 7 double-ended bits neatly tucked away in the ergonomic, cushion comfort handle. The patented ratchet mechanism forward and backward motions offer silent ratcheting while it can also be used as a regular screwdriver when placed in the locked position.

  • Rust-Oleum


    Rust-Oleum is not just spray paint, it's made to
    provide protection on surfaces against the elements. Rust-Oleum created
    the world's very first rust-preventative paint which we still use to
    this day. You can find other products by this industrial-grade brand
    here: applicators, SpraySmart paint pouches, anti-slip spray. rubber
    coating spray, cleaners and graffiti removers, primers, epoxy repair,
    sealant, cans of floor paint, anti-slip step covers, and more!
  • Sellstrom

    Sellstrom Products

    Sellstrom products have been a leader in safety innovating for
    professional workers for almost a century. They are a brand of Surewerx
    and offer a wide variety of products, from safety goggles to face
    shields and much more. Edmonton Fasteners offers a variety of Sellstrom
    products that you can rely on.
  • Shop-Vac


    Shop-Vac has been and maintains to be famous for their wet/dry vacuums for over 30 years. They offer top of the line vacuum cleaners for industrial and residential applications. Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. carries Shop-Vac vacuums in a range of sizes, from 12 gallon to 18 gallon, you won't have to buy another vacuum that's too big or too small.

  • sia Abrasives

    Sia Abrasives

    sia Abrasives is a Swiss company with OVER 130 years of abrasive experience and knowledge. It’s one of the world’s largest suppliers of abrasives. sia manufacturers abrasives for he surface treatment of any type of surface. They choose only the most premium materials and use the latest manufacturing equipment to provide the highest level of constant quality. sia Abrasives manufactures sanding discs, sanding sheets, sanding sponges, and many more. They have a huge variety of series of abrasives made of different materials to fit your sanding needs.

  • Signet


    Signet combination wrench sets offers tools manufactured from high quality heat treated Chrome Vanadium steel and made for professional use. Find Signet wrenches here at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Stabila

    Stabila Brand Levels

    Nothing ruins a perfectly good project like stepping back and realizing that it’s just a bit off level. Save yourself the frustration with a mason level known for its preciseness and accuracy. Stabila magnetic level sets and electronic levels are innovative leveling tools made to help you finish any project with ease.

    Founded in Germany over 125 years ago, Stabila creates tough, durable and accurate tools that are simple and easy to use. Whether you choose a basic Stabila spirit level or a high-tech Stabila digital level, you’ll be able to feel these brand values in your product. Never before has perfecting a project been so easy. Order yours today!

  • Stanley

    Stanley Tools

    Stanley Tools, for more than 170 years, has represented quality, reliability, innovation, and value. They offer dependable tools for DIY'ers to industrial contractors. We offer waterproof chalk, chalk line reel, blades, snap off blades, window scrapers, t-bevels, measuring tapes, pocket planes, nail pullers, pry bars, crow bars, saws, hammers, chisels, screwdrivers, vacuums, tool sets, storage boxes, and more. Available at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Starrett


    Starrett is a leading manufacturer of precision
    measuring tools and other products. They perform with high quality and
    surpass standards, made for industrial and heavy duty use, Starrett will
    not let you down. Starrett offers measuring tools, and blades; find
    them here at Edmonton Fasteners!
  • Stiletto Tools

    Stiletto Tools

    Stiletto Tools developed an innovative line of lightweight Titanium hammers. These high quality hammers provide better face hardness and durability, a strong head-to-handle connection, and improved accuracy for nail pulling. All in all, the Stiletto hammer offers amazing performance and accuracy. We sell Stiletto framer hammers in different faces (milled or smooth) and also replacement hickory handles.

  • Sturdy

    Sturdy Ladder Inc.

    Sturdy Ladder Inc. offers a variety of ladders to fit your needs. Find stepladders, straight extension ladders, rolling ladders, sawhorses, and even scaffolding. We carry Sturdy ladders made from aluminum, fiberglass, and wood. Available at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Superior Glove

    Superior Glove

    Established in 1910, Superior Glove is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of work gloves in North America. They specialize in cut-resistant gloves, as well as other durable, high quality work gloves for any and every industry. At Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. we carry a wide range of Superior Glove products. From cut-resistant to disposable nitrile gloves, from knit to latex, find the perfect protective gloves for your industry here.

  • Surface Shields

    Surface Shields

    Surface Shields provides high quality and reliable temporary surface protection for floors, walls, doors, pipes, windows, and more. They also specialize in dust containment products, tape, other products to create total job site protection. We sell Surface Shield: shoe covers, door jamb protection, painter's grade tape, blue clean mats of different sizes, dust containment kit with self-adhesive zippers and extendable containment poles, self-adhesive film for windows and ducts, builder board, neoprene runner, tacky clean mat, carpet protection, and more.

  • Terra


    The Terra brand works hard at creating innovative products that benefit workers. Whether it's through durability, warmth, comfort, versatility, or visibility, Terra's work wear will have you covered. Check out our selection of Terra products including: safety belts, PVC rain jackets, work shorts, work pants, rain suits, hi-visibility jackets, and work overalls. Available at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd!

  • True Temper

    True Temper

    True Temper got it's name by starting as a promise.
    The promise that their tools proved "true" in balance and temper. Each
    of their tools is built with tempered steel strength and endure high
    quality and industrial performance. True Temper manufacturers outdoor
    tools for lawn, garden, and snow removal. We offer shovels and
    wheelbarrows by True Temper at Edmonton Fasteners.
  • Tyrolit


    Tyrolit is a leading manufacturer of of abrasives and
    was co-founded by the famous Daniel Swarovski (founder of the hugely
    successful Swarovski crystal empire). Tyrolit was developed to
    manufacture grinding wheels for the production of Swarovski crystals and
    became it's own abrasives company. Tyrolit designs and create a large
    variety of products for the industrial, metal, and construction
    industry. At Edmonton Fasteners we offer Tyrolit cut-off wheels,
    grinding wheels, and more.
  • UCAN


    UCAN Fastening Products supply high quality fasteners specially designed for industrial use. UCAN consistently brings innovative fasteners to the market to meet the needs of contractors and designers. We carry a huge selection of UCAN products: masonry drill bits, cement board screws, striker nails, pins, plugs, plates, drop-in anchors and drop-in setting tools, toggle bolts, tie wire anchors, wedge anchors, screws (bulk and jugs), diamond core cutter bits, and more.

  • Uvex


    Uvex is the top-selling protective eye-wear brand worldwide. Uvex safety glasses offer the most advanced lens coatings and materials to protect people in all industries. Their safety glasses features lenses that protect workers in the most harsh conditions. Uvex seeks to create new innovative eye-wear that directly benefit the wearer. We carry safety glasses with different types of lenses (clear, silver, blue, mirror, amber, UV, anti-fog, anti-scratch, hydroshield, espresso, etc.) and many different types of frames. We also have goggles, lens cleaning towelettes, and lens cleaning stations. Available at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Walter

    Walter Surface Technolgy

    Walter Surface Technologies started in Montreal, Canada in 1952 and has since become a huge leader in abrasives and power tools used by the metal fabricating industry. We sell a huge selection of Walter products. We carry Walter drill bits (jobber, stubby, and prentice) hand taps, pipe tap, pilot pins, tap wrenches, annular cutters, abrasives (sanding discs, belts, cut off wheels, grinding wheels, discs, flap discs, flap wheels, Blendex discs, cones, plugs, cup brushes, and wheel brushes), backing pads, cleaning spray, degreaser, E-Weld spatter block, lubricant, coolant, galvanizing spray, mounted brush wires, flush mandrels, and blue mirror-finish paste. We also sell the highly reliable, high quality Walter Icecut Magetic Drills in 100, 200, 300, and 400.

  • Warn Industries


    Warn Industries designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of electric and hydraulic winches and hoists. At Edmonton Fasteners and Tools we sell the Warn Corded PullzAll! Strong enough to lift or pull up to 1000 lbs.

  • Watson Gloves

    Watson Gloves

    Watson Gloves is Canada's main source for hand protection. They manufacture gloves for industrial work, at home, and for recreational purposes. Watson Gloves is made up of specialist who enthusiastically and satisfyingly find what makes the perfect hand protection for hundreds of different tasks. We carry Grease Monkey, knit gloves, latex, Stealth, Black Magic, gardening, Gladiator, nitrile, cowhide, Hand Job, Longhorn, winter, Convict, leather, Circuit Breaker, Drill Sergeant, and many more! Try on a pair of Watson gloves! Your hands will thank you!

  • WD-40


    After the original WD-40 Multi-Use product was born over 60 years ago in San Diego, California, the company has invented many other high performance products to put them on the map with their instantly recognized blue and yellow can. WD-40 also offers their famous WD-40 in different volumes and packaging, to make life for you, the consumer, a little easier! We carry WD-40 in 155g, 411g, and 1-Gallon (3.78L) containers to suit your needs.

  • Weiler

    Weiler Corp

    Weiler Corp manufactures world class, innovative abrasive products. Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. carries hand brushes, power tube brushes, cup brushes, cable twist wheels, and more.

  • Werner


    Wiha Tools Canada Ltd. produces quality tools world wide with over 70 years of experience. Wiha manufacturers fine quality professional grade hand tools.Werner Ladder Co manufactures and distributes products that have state-of-the-art design, have been thoroughly tested, and taken through a life-cycle evaluation. Werner ladders are found on more trucks and work sites than any all other ladder brands combined. Check out the different type of fiberglass ladders and ladder accessories we carry at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Wespro Power Tools


    Wespro Power Tools manufacturers one of the widest ranges of pneumatic tools. Wespro takes pride in ensuring their tools perform with maximum quality and performance. Find various types of industrial blind riveters by Wespro Power Tools at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Wiha


    Wiha Tools Canada Ltd. produces quality tools world wide with over 70 years of experience. Wiha manufacturers fine quality professional grade hand tools.

  • Wipeco


    Wiha Tools Canada Ltd. produces quality tools world wide with over 70 years of experience. Wiha manufacturers fine quality professional grade hand tools.Wipeco Industries started in 1986 in Montreal focused on wiping cloths and have now grown to many other products including work gloves. Find Wipeco Industries amazing and high quality products at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

  • Wiss


    Wiss manufactures high end scissors, snips, and specialty trade tools. Wiss is trusted by many because it is driven by two simple principles: performance and durability . Wiss puts those same qualities into every product, so no matter what Wiss tool you use, you can rely on getting amazing performance and long life. Find Wiss snips, scissors, cutters, and more at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd.

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Buildex 8011 All-In-One Flashing Dektite - #801 Retrofit Buildex 8011 All-In-One Flashing Dektite - #801 Retrofit

Retrofit Dektite is designed to seal existing pipes and vents where a standard pull over flashing cannot be assembled.

Bessey GSH30 12" Clamp Level Bessey GSH30 12" Clamp Level

Bessey GSH30 12" Clamp Level

Avdel BF01-0619 3/16" Diameter Blind Rivets - Aluminum - Dome Head Avdel BF01-0619 3/16" Diameter Blind Rivets Aluminum Dome Head

BF01-0619 Rivets - Aluminum - Dome Head

CAD $0.12
Fibre Metal NPC-242 2" x 4 1/4" Clear Welding Lens Fibre Metal NPC-242 2" x 4 1/4" Clear Welding Lens

2" x 4 1/4" Clear Welding Lens

CAD: $0.60 Each
Caddy 4G16H Twist Clip 1/4" Hole, 1/16" Max Flange, 15/16" T-Grid Caddy 4G16H Twist Clip 1/4" Hole, 1/16" Max Flange, 15/16" T-Grid

4G16H Twist Clip 1/4" Hole, 1/16" Max Flange, 15/16" T-Grid

CAD: $0.88 Each
Caddy 4G16HWH Twist Clip 1/4" Hole, 1/16" Max Flange, 15/16" T-Grid-WHITE Caddy 4G16HWH Twist Clip 1/4" Hole, 1/16" Max Flange, 15/16" T-Grid-WHITE

4G16HWH Twist Clip 1/4" Hole, 1/16" Max Flange, 15/16" T-Grid-WHITE

CAD: $0.92 Each
Docap 508-072 - 4-1/8" - 5" Standard Hose Clamp - B72H Docap 508-072 - 4-1/8" - 5" Standard Hose Clamp - B72H

4-1/8" - 5" Standard Hose Clamp - B72H

CAD: $1.06 Per Each